THE BIG 4 ELITE CLUB OF BEAUTY PAGEANTS Part 2 – 2013: A Year of Affirmation

In the Part 1 we discussed the Big 4 Elite and its very exclusive membership requirement: winning all the Big 4 crowns: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth at least once.


That was post-Miss World when the Philippines just captured its first Miss World crown and was the 3rd country to enter the club. Brazil was the first in 2004 and Venezuela followed suit in 2005. Now that the 2013 Big 4 pageants have all concluded, let’s see if there are changes in the Big 4 Elite.

For the countries that are just missing 1 crown, here’s how they did:

France – placed in ME Top 16
USA – placed in ME Top 16
Puerto Rico- did not compete in ME
Australia – did not place in ME
Germany- did not place in ME
Netherlands- did not place in ME
Finland – did not compete in ME
Greece – did not compete in ME
Argentina – did not compete in ME
India – did not place in Miss International

A special spotlight is due to 2 countries that placed in all Big 4 pageants last 2013:


It was a great year for beauties from the Iberian Peninsula as they placed in all the Big 4 pageants. They finished Top 6 in Miss World, 1st Runner-up in Miss Universe and semifinalist both in Miss Earth and Miss International. They are yet to win their Miss World and Miss Earth crowns.



2012’s best performer also placed in all Big 4 pageants in 2013. They got Top 20 in Miss World, Top 10 in Miss Universe, and semifinalist in both Miss Earth and Miss International. The only crown missing in their shelf is Miss Earth.



It turned out that there won’t be any new country being inducted into the club last year. 2013 set the stage for a royal rumble among three pageant powerhouses, the Latin American superpowers Venezuela and Brazil, and the Asian powerhouse Philippines. How did it go? Let’s take a look back.



With the new owner of the Philippine franchise for Miss World, it seems that the Philippines was on a steady climb upward with its placements. It was not much of a surprise when Miss Philippines won, for she was not just a beauty, she was in the right place at the right time. Brazil finished in the Top 6 while Miss Venezuela did not place.



The severe Russian winter did not stop beauties from all around the world to compete for the superbowl of pageants, Miss Universe. In the end, Venezuela prevailed, Philippines was 3rd runner-up and Brazil was 4th runner up.





Pressure was mounting for the Philippines to equal Venezuela’s feat by getting the last remaining crown at stake, Miss International. If it wins Miss International, its 2 Big 4 crowns plus its Miss Supranational title along with placements in Miss Globe and other pageants held within 2013 will be enough to get the “Performer of the Year”. Brazil managed to enter the semifinals but Venezuela clapped. It was a showdown of pageant veterans and in the end, the Philippines won its 5th Miss International crown, sealing the “Performer of the Year” recognition.


2013 was a special year in the sense that it was a year of affirmation for all the Big 4 Elite countries: for Brazil, it’s to tell everyone that it is not to be underestimated, for Venezuela, to remind everyone that it is still the one to beat; and the Philippines, an announcement that it is no longer dormant and we should all stop and take notice. What is in store for us this 2014? Will a new country finally enter the exclusive club or will the crowns be split into new players in the pageant scene? One intelligent pageant fan commented once, “It will be so hard for Venezuela and Philippines to win any of the crowns in 2014 since they took everything last year.” One can only imagine what lies in the future.


Obrigado. Gracias. Salamat.




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