Miss Intercontinental – The Newest Title in the Binibining Pilipinas Franchise


The Miss Intercontinental Logo (under WBO)

2014 is year of memorable events in the Binibining Pilipinas. First, the reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler lent her regal presence to crown the new Miss Universe Philippines. Second, Russian pop star Emin performed for the first time in the Philippines. Third, 3rd timer Mary Jean Lastimosa won the coveted Miss Universe Philippines title. Fourth, the newest title in the Binibining Pilipinas franchise was unveiled; Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental ultimately won by Kris Tiffany Janson. People who do not follow  pageants  are seriously confused by the different pageants, there’s Tourism International, there’s Supranational and now Miss Intercontinental. Let me shed some light on this confusion.

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This pageant started as a Amistad magazine’s promotional campaign for tourism in Aruba in 1971 and was named Miss Teenage Peace International. In 1974, the pageant was renamed Miss Teenage Intercontinental and was organized by Rene Lacle. It would have several more name changes throughout the course of its history:

  • Miss Teen Intercontinental (1979–1981)
  • Miss Intercontinental (1982–1983)

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After 1984, several pageants were held by a different organization but were still under the Miss Intercontinental archives:

  • Miss Africa World (1986) (Nigeria)
  • Miss Africa International (1988–1990) (Nigeria)
  • Miss Friendship (1991-1992) (Germany)

I checked the Miss Intercontinental official page and the winners of those pageants were considered as Miss Intercontinental titleholders as well.

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In 1993, the pageant’s history took another turn as World Beauty Organization took the helm and revived the Miss Intercontinental brand. Under the WBO’s capable management, Miss Intercontinental was able to get stability in terms of funding and participation and was held in Germany until 2002. Since 2003, pageant venues include Cartagena; Colombia; Huangshan; China; Mahe; Seychelles Islands; Minsk; Belarus and Nassau the Bahamas, to name a few. It seemed so far from that fateful day when thirty-five women, dressed in one-piece red bathing suits, vied for the crown that day in Oranjestad, Aruba. Currently Miss Intercontinental is one of the more consistent pageants and has crowned many beautiful and elegant women from around the world.; thereby celebrating the diversity of beauty. Here are the distinguished women who were able to wear the Miss Intercontinental crown:


(Go from L-R for each row)

1971 Magnolia Martinez; Peru
1972 Jane Vieira Macambira; Brazil
1973 Barbara Jean Sergi; United States
1974 Maria Emilia de los Rios; Venezuela
1975 Shohreh Nikpour; Iran
1976 Ivania Navarro Yenic; Nicaragua
1977 Elizabeth Ann Jones; England
1978 Elizabeth Anita Reddi; India
1979 Maryanne Shaugnessey; United States
1980 Elizabeth Gasiewicz; Argentina
1981 Cristiane Lisita Passos; Brazil
1982 Jodee Joy Dominici; United States
1983-84 Brigitte Bergman; Netherlands
1985 Sumaya Heinsen; Dominican Republic
1986 Elizabeth Robison; Puerto Rico
1987 Patricia Kuypers; Peru
1988 Joan Maynard; Curacao
1989 Bianca Onoh; Nigeria
1990 Sandra Foster; Jamaica
1991 Elena Ivanova; Russia
1992 Susanne Petry; Germany
1993 Verona Feldbusch; Germany
1994 Kimberly Anne Byers; United States
1995 Melissa Cortez; United States Virgin Islands
1996 Timeri Baudry; Tahiti
1997 Lara Dutta; India
1998 Janaina Vizeu Berenhauser Borba; Brazil
1999 Mine Erbaykent; Turkey
2000 Sabrina Schepmann; Germany
2001 Ligia Fernanda Petit Vargas; Venezuela
2002 Rychacviana Coffie; Curacao
2003 Dominique Hourani; Lebanon
2004 Deisy Catalina Valencia Deossa; Colombia
2005 Emmarys Diliana Pinto Peralta; Venezuela
2006 Katarina Manova; Slovakia
2007 Nancy Afiouni; Lebanon
2008 Cristina Lucia Camargo de la Rans; Colombia
2009 Hannelly Zulami Quintero Ledezma; Venezuela
2010 Maydelise Columna; Puerto Rico
2011 Jessica Hartman; United States
2012 Daniela Xanadú Chalbaud Maldonado; Venezuela
2013 Ekaterina Plekhova; Russia

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Here’s the official tally of titleholders per country:

Argentina – 1
Curacao – 2
Brazil – 3
Colombia – 2
Curacao – 2
Dominican Republic – 1
England – 1
Germany – 3
India – 2
Iran – 1
Jamaica – 1
Lebanon – 2
Netherlands – 1
Nicaragua – 1
Nigeria – 1
Peru – 2
Puerto Rico – 2
Russia – 2
Slovakia – 1
Tahiti – 1
Turkey – 2
USA – 5
US Virgin Islands – 1
Venezuela – 5

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The Philippines has not yet won Miss Intercontinental. The local franchise was previously held by Carousel Productions, which also owns the Mutya ng Pilipinas, Miss Philippines Earth and Miss Earth pageants; and was then transferred to Mutya ng Pilipinas Inc who owned it until 2013. However, participation has been erratic for several years already and I guess that’s how BPCI came into the picture. To date, the Philippines has collected the following placements:


(L-R: Bacud, Burgos, Basken, McGarry and Medina)

1977 Marilou Lira Lee (semifinalist)
1983 Marilou Adina (semifinalist)
1995 Maria Sovietskaya Bacud (2nd Runner-up)
2004 Jamie Burgos (semifinalist)
2006 Kirby Ann Basken (semifinalist)
2010 Christi Lynn McGarry (semifinalist)
2013 Andrea Koreen Medina (3rd Runner-up)

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With Binibining Pilipinas now at the helm, there is a higher chance or sure participation in the pageant every year hereon plus a higher quality of delegates. The Philippine representative for this year is Kris Tiffany Janson from Cebu, Philippines.


Will Kris Tiffany Janson be the first Filipina Miss Intercontinental? I had the privilege of meeting her in person and I must say she is stunning! Yes! She has the goods to take the Miss Intercontinental crown and Kagandahang Flores, one of the premier beauty camps in the Philippines today is behind Kris all the way. Good luck Kris!


Thank you!

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